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  • 18 species of fish that are caught in our area have been identified as “Leaderboard” fish. Competition for the largest fish of each species runs from January 1 – December 31 each year. The species are identical to the previous years, except for the removal of Black Grouper.
  •  With the exception of 6 species, all LEADERBOARD or FOM entries must be caught within the Marco Sportfishing Club offshore boundaries in order to qualify.
  • The following 6 species must be caught within the Marco Sportfishing Club “Backwater Boundaries” in order to qualify for the Leaderboard or Fish of the Month competitions: Redfish * Snook * Spotted Seatrout * Pompano * Sheepshead * Black Drum
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 Fish of the Month 
Each month the club awards $25 to the member who catches the largest of the fish of the month
Fish of the month Winners

anuary - Pompano

February - Sheepshead

March - Spotted Sea Trout

April - Red Grouper

May - King Mackerel

June - Permit

July - Mangrove Snapper

August - Yellowtail Snapper

September - Snook

October - Redfish

November - Gag Grouper

December - Black Drum

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