A brief history of the club:

MSC was established April 24, 1989 in Marco Island, Florida, as the Marco Rod and Gun Club with the aim of bringing together fishing and hunting enthusiasts to promote a sense of community among hunters and anglers. The Club amended its name and focus to the Marco Sportfishing Club in April of 2003.

The club operates as a non-profit and non-commercial organization, focusing on providing educational and recreational opportunities for its members.  MSC holds monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month, currently at St. Mark's Parish Hall on Marco Island. These meetings are structured and incorporate elements of fun, laughter, and education about fish and fishing in southwest Florida. 

The Club's operations, events, newsletters, website, and social gatherings are all supported and managed by volunteers from the Club's membership.

The club has approximately 370 members.  All memberships include the immediate family members. During season, most members attend the monthly meetings, where they can engage in discussions, share fishing tips, and participate in various club activities. The club's website (marcosportfishingclub.com) serves as a valuable resource for members. The website provides information on topics such as fishing techniques, Fish of the Month, Leaderboard and other contests, for sale items, and a monthly newsletter. 

Events and Outings:
The club organizes various events and outings for its members. These include backwater outings, fishing trips, tournaments, and social gatherings. 

Speaker Series:
MSC organizes a Speakes for the monthly meetings, inviting knowledgeable individuals such as backwater guides and experienced anglers to share their expertise with the members. These presentations provide valuable insights and tips for fishing in the local waters.

Visit the club's archived website to access photos, tournament results and pasts events:  

Marco Sportfishing Club Inc is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.  P.O. Box 2104, Marco Island, FL 34146

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